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Viveiros Aliança

The Navigator Company produces forestry and ornamental plants through its subsidiary Viveiros Aliança, S.A., which has experience spanning more than three decades.

After a major capital project in 2012, Viveiros Aliança is today one of the largest and most up-to-date nurseries for certified forest plants in Europe, able to produce 12 million plants a year.

In addition to the varied array of plants produced, the Espirra Estate, home to Viveiros Aliança, also produces wine under the Herdade de Espirra label, from vineyards established more than 30 years ago, which lend unique and authentic qualities to the wines produced as part of the integrated management of the estate.

The 37 hectares of vineyards are perfectly integrated into their natural setting and are managed on a sustainable basis, in keeping with the relevant standards.

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Production Units

Production is divided between 3 units

- Espirra (Pegões)
- Caniceira (Tramagal)
- Ferreiras (Penamacor)

Around 35% of the plants produced are destined for internal consumption by The Navigator Company and the remaining 65% are sold on the market.

Wide Range of Plants

Viveiros Aliança produces a wide range of plants:

+ 30 different forest species

+ 130 ornamental species and shrubs

5 varieties of olive tree

Viveiros Aliança

Dimension and Modernity

After a strong investment in 2012, Viveiros Aliança are today one of Europe's most modern and largest nurseries for producing certified forest plants, positioning itself as a world reference for its cale, technology and efficiency.

The nurseries produce six million Eucalyptus globulus clones each year These are improved plants which gained the top score in the certification process conducted by the Institute of Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF). Viveiros Aliança has pioneered this sector in Portugal and is the country's leading operator.

A substantial part of this output goes to forestry landowners and their associations, to help boost yields in Portugal's woodlands and promote the use of certified plants.

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