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Our Commitment

“Because our business starts in the forest, it is here that our commitment to sustainability begins.” Pedro Queiroz Pereira

Responsible Forestry Management

The Navigator Company is the leading private sector forestry operator in Portugal, managing 106 thousand hectares of woodlands on an efficient and responsible basis. The Company's forestry policy, reflected in its own Code of Good Forestry Practice, is clear evidence of its concern for conserving the country's woodlands, which provide the source material for its business cycle.

The Company seeks to respect and conciliate the environmental, social and economic interests at stake in decisions on woodlands management, and does this by applying technical procedures which involve assessing the risks and opportunities and mitigating the impact of forestry operations.

Forest Certification

One of our priorities is developing our business through sustainable forest management in our plantations, promoting the renewal and enhancement of forests on the one hand, and the protection of natural, social, and cultural values on the other.

Implementation by The Navigator Company of best practices in forestry management was certified, in 2007, by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and in 2009 under the PEFCTM (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). This provides an assurance that the Company's woodlands are managed responsibly, in keeping with strict, internationally recognised standards.

Navigator’s certified woodlands correspond to 27% of Portugal’s certified forest (29% FSC® and 44% PEFC™), with our whole area of forest certified by both these programs.

Forest certification endorses the efforts and investment made by The Navigator Company in implementing best management practice in the woodlands which form the starting point for its business. 

The commitment to certification extends beyond the boundaries of the Company. Through cooperation with forestry producers' organisations, work to raise the awareness of landowners and active participation in initiatives related to certification, The Navigator Company has been a driving force for expansion of the woodlands certification process in Portugal, helping to build a common front to defend the interests of the country's forestry sector.

FSC® license code: FSC C010852 
PEFC license code: PEFC/13-23-001


Biodiversity conservation is built into The Navigator Company's business model.

Our aim is that all our projects, especially those which will foreseeably involve negative impacts on biodiversity, are designed to ensure no net loss in wildlife, and ideally to contribute to a net positive gain.

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Thinking ahead

The Navigator Company produces wood in planted woodlands, and has taken part since 2007 in the New Generation Plantations (NGP) platform, coordinated by WWF International (World Wide Fund for Nature). 

NGP is a platform for sharing knowledge and promoting the concept of forest plantations which, thanks to the way they are managed, can make a positive contribution to preserving the integrity of ecosystems and protecting high conservation values, assuring effective processes for stakeholder participation and fostering economic growth and job creation.

Our woodlands today make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the carbon retained each year by The Navigator Company's forestry holdings far outweighs the combined emissions of our industrial facilities.


Woodlands Protection

Forest fire prevention and support for fire fighting is a priority for The Navigator Company. 

The strategy adopted, in conjunction with other partner organizations in a number of projects, focuses primarily on reducing the likelihood of fire events occurring, minimizing exposure and mitigating risk.

In recent years, investment in this field has totalled 3 million euros, in prevention, training, research and development.

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Research and Renewal

The Navigator Company is committed to research and development in the forestry sector. The Company has its own forestry and paper research institute (RAIZ),  through which it takes part in projects that help to increase yields in eucalyptus plantations, as well as to improve the quality of the fibre produced and the management of woodlands. 

Our active policy of renewing and improving Portugal's woodlands requires a supply of forestry plants in significant numbers, which are produced by its own nurseries (Viveiros Aliança, S.A.). The size, technology and efficiency of these facilities have generated widespread interest, attracting visitors from organisations in Portugal and abroad who see these nurseries as an example to follow.

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