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Environmental protection is essential for The Navigator Company to affirm itself on demanding international markets.

Discover our cycle of circular economy

Our products originate from certified, sustainably managed woodlands and controlled wood, and are manufactured using a high percentage of renewable energy.

Our customers know that the Company's paper is an environmentally responsible product, recycable and manufactured from a renewable resource planted specifically for this purpose.

The recycling of the paper we produce, after use, allows it to be transformed into another paper product with different, less demanding characteristics, giving rise to a sustainable cycle.

Download here the infographic about Circular Economy

Carbon Sink

The woodlands managed by the Company represent an important carbon sink, helping to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment to environmental responsibility means we have improved the eco-efficiency of our production processes, in order to minimise their environmental impacts.

These efforts have enabled us to reduce our use of natural resources, as well as emissions levels. Successive improvements to the production process have led to impressive results:

- A reduction in water consumption per ton of output;

- Increased use of renewable energy;

- Reduction in consumption of fossil fuels;

- A reduction in CO2 emissions per ton of output;

- Improved waste management.