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Only the Best, Thinking Always of You

We combine the best raw materials with the latest technology to produce a vast range of papers, to enable your work to shine.

Raw Materials and Technology

By wedding top quality raw materials to technology, our aim is to brighten your day, whatever printing equipment you use.

When you choose one of The Navigator Company's products, you're opting for much more than just paper. You're choosing the achievements of a whole team, focussed on offering you the highest standards, consistently, to make sure you get the best results, even in the toughest conditions.

Our Paper

The Navigator Company's paper is made from renewable natural resources and makes a vital contribution to developing and protecting woodlands. And as well as providing you with a permanent record, our paper is biodegradable, recycling rates are high and most of the energy used is from renewable resources.

Our paper also owes its quality to the fibre from Eucalyptus globulus, recognized around the world as the ideal wood for manufacturing premium office supplies.

Quality fibre, combined with carefully selected raw and subsidiary materials, processed at mills famous around the world for their technological and production capabilities, makes The Navigator Company's paper a world leader.

Own Brands

The Navigator Company is focused on its own brands. This means its sales strategy is to offer a portfolio of brands with distinctive value propositions, reaching out to different consumer segments. 

Pride of place goes to Navigator, the world's best selling brand of premium office paper.

Consumers can also choose between ranges and lightweight options capable of meeting their needs and surpassing their expectations. The excellence of our raw materials and technology means we can manufacture lightweight papers at 75 g/m2 and even 70 g/m2, whilst still matching or outdoing the quality of rival 80 g/m2 products, offering savings as well as environmental and performance advantages.

In a market where a distinctive product is extraordinarily difficult to achieve, The Navigator Company stands out from the crowd. We have achieved this thanks to innovation, premium products, high service standards and selling nearly two thirds of our output under our own brands.