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Investing in the future

The Navigator Company invests in the continuing education and professional development of its workforce, clearly defining the mission and aims of its training plan.


To provide access to knowledge, developing and enhancing the personal and professional skills of the entire workforce (direct and indirect) in order to achieve levels of performance and response to meet the demands of their work and the market, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of The Navigator Company.


- Training geared to improving and developing the key skills of the company's human resources to allow them to rise to the growing challenges of its business, including new capital projects.

- To help develop employee motivation and confidence, by finding training solutions tailored to their needs and facilitating interaction between human resources throughout The Navigator Company.

- To increase and encourage adaptability and flexibility across the workforce, in view of ongoing innovations in process and working methods, and to achieve higher levels of personal satisfaction.

- To stimulate innovation in the processes and methods used throughout the training structure, seeking to make it more effective and efficient, taking a structured approach adjusted to real needs. 


Indicators 2012 2013 2014 2015
Training Volume NVG (h) 117.826,00 129.954,50 110.290,75 132.142
Total Training Volume (h) 143.958,00 157.386,00 157.386,00 175.438
Training provided by NVG 65,0% 56,8% 46,6% 53,4%
Participation Rate 93,0% 97,3% 91,5% 94,3%
Average Training Hours per Employee (h) 54,0 60,3 45,9 55,7