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Building the Future

The Navigator Company's future depends on our continuing ability to mobilise and develop core and strategic skills, to generate knowledge and to create an environment where experience can be shared and the industry's best practices can be implemented.

Our positioning in the industry

The Navigator Company believes that its positioning in the pulp and paper industry is based on its ongoing ability to combine strong technical and technological capabilities with other cross-disciplinary skills. This has been crucial to its success at home and abroad.

The Company's vision and strategy is wedded to the following: 

  • Vision and strategy;
  • Leadership and team development;
  • A result-driven approach;
  • Customer focus (and focus on other stakeholders);
  • Creative thinking and innovation;
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking;
  • Individual understanding;
  • Teamwork and cooperation;
  • Communication and influence.

An understanding of The Navigator Company's vision and strategy, the ability to communicate it and convert it into results, a willingness to run the necessary risks - all this reflects a readiness and ability to face new challenges, irrespective of the geographical or social settings in which they present themselves.

Employees who seize the opportunity to take their professional development to a new level need the capacity to work effectively in different environments, with changing structures and new faces, whilst coping with complex interactions, different interests, critical information and the need to reach decisions that make for improved results.

Our successful managers and leaders need to be focussed on the medium and long term. This means mobilising their teams to work to objectives, transmitting clear priorities and helping individuals to work autonomously whilst sharing responsibilities. This in turn requires timely and thoughtful feedback and tailor-made development plans for each team member.

Our commitment to a management model geared to sustainable development points to the importance of managing stakeholders. The critical factors here are client focus, interpersonal skills, communication and influence, which together will map out a journey where geographical frontiers vanish as we concentrate on achieving results, today and in the future.

Managing risks and uncertainty requires the ability to adapt and a firm commitment to our values and objectives. By regarding adversities as learning opportunities, by taking the initiative and concentrating on new responses and solutions, sand by haring information, experience and learning, we can help create an environment where knowledge will flourish.