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Human capital

The Navigator Company’s Human Resources and Social Assets Policy is based on a set of values which inform its operations and investment in human capital.

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Principles We Value

In managing its human resources, The Navigator Company is committed to a series of principles which are clearly communicated to its employees:

The Company is accountable to its workforce

 Respect for their dignity and recognition of merit

 Ensuring their safety and well-being at work

In return, it expects professionalism and initiative

Professional Development

It is standard practice in the Company for performance assessments to be conducted on the basis of clear and measurable operational targets, including those linked to a range of sustainability issues.

In 2013, 99% of employees were involved in the performance assessment process and 93% in the career development process. This makes it possible to align our employees’ goals with those of the company, periodically identifying the expectations of both parties.

When targets are exceeded, individual employees enjoy higher levels of pay and at the same time the Company is able to improve efficiency levels and the quality of pulp and paper production, whilst cutting costs and reducing environmental and social impacts.