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03-05-2024 Navigator Paper UK Limited increases tender offer for Accrol Shares in the UK from £0.38 to £0.39 131,84 kB
29-04-2024 The Navigator Company participates at drupa 2024 – the world’s leading trade fair for the printing industry 106,8 kB
22-03-2024 Navigator Paper UK Limited launches a public for the acquisition of Accrol 98,44 kB
14-03-2024 Navigator launches Home Pack 2X 276,83 kB
01-09-2023 Discovery Paper Hosts Webinar: “Discover the Way of the Eco Switch” 126,14 kB
03-05-2023 Boeing engineers break Guinness record with Navigator paper airplane 57,37 kB
10-05-2023 The Navigator Company participates at Packaging Première with its packaging brand gKRAFT 29,49 kB
02-05-2023 The Navigator Company participates at Interpack with its packaging brand gKRAFT 125,62 kB
28-04-2023 Discovery Eco Calculator Campaign – The way of the Eco Switch 125,11 kB
26-04-2023 RAIZ among the most innovative and leading entities in the forest bioeconomy 128,54 kB
19-04-2023 Study proves 5 times more recycling cycles of Eucalyptus globulus cellulosic fibre 0 B
01-02-2023 Navigator acquires Gomà-Camps Group’s Consumer Tissue business in Spain 116,97 kB
21-11-2022 Payment of reserves 84,55 kB
21-11-2022 Webinar - From fossil to forest", a game changer in packaging solutions" 116,48 kB
26-10-2022 Navigator organises event on profitability and management of smallholdings 202,3 kB
25-10-2022 Navigator's targets to reduce emissions by 2035 approved by SBTi 127,13 kB
21-10-2022 RAIZ leads Portugal's largest R&D programme dedicated to forest-based bioeconomy with an investment of €14.6 million 237,98 kB
22-07-2022 The Navigator Company and P2X-Europe announce a unique Joint Venture in Portugal to produce green, non-fossil synthetic eFuels and scale-up Power-to-Liquid business 296,06 kB
17-06-2022 Navigator’s new Whistleblowing Channel 128,59 kB
18-05-2022 Navigator takes part in Graphispag 170,11 kB
04-05-2022 Notice General Meeting 27 May 2022
22-04-2022 Results for Q1 2022 on May 16th
14-03-2022 Navigator forced to apply energy surcharge on UWF and packaging products in USA 113,42 kB
14-03-2022 Navigator forced to apply energy surcharge on UWF and packaging products in Europe, Middle East and Africa 106,72 kB
08-03-2022 The Navigator Company ranked 3rd in global sustainability index 120,07 kB
24-02-2022 The Navigator Company increases Uncoated Woodfree Paper prices in Turkey by 8-12% 90,84 kB
14-02-2022 The Navigator Company increases Uncoated Woodfree Paper prices in Europe by 8-15% 91,35 kB
05-01-2022 The Navigator Company increases paper prices up to 8% for all markets and applies on top a surcharge 88,26 kB
03-11-2021 The Navigator Company increases tissue prices by 8 to 10% 87,48 kB
27-08-2021 The Navigator Company increases paper prices in Europe up to 6% 85,74 kB
07-06-2021 The Navigator Company increases paper prices in North America 81,81 kB
13-04-2021 The Navigator Company increases paper prices 10th of May 2021 86,37 kB
22-02-2021 The Navigator Company increases paper prices in USA by 6-8% 83,13 kB
19-02-2021 The Navigator Company increases tissue prices by 6 to 8% 104,11 kB
11-02-2021 Navigator is one of the world's best companies in sustainability 105,35 kB
28-12-2020 The Navigator Company increases paper prices 1st February 2021 100,36 kB
17-12-2020 Navigator reduces 30% of the group’s CO2 emissions in 2021 with new biomass boiler at Figueira da Foz 286,61 kB
10-12-2020 Navigator renews highest rating among the world’s sustainable companies 99,22 kB
02-09-2020 paperChain assesses the use of industrial waste in several sectores 188,99 kB
04-08-2020 EIB supports Navigator’s decarbonisation strategy with €27.5 million
03-06-2020 The Navigator Company S.A. informs on the sole item on the agenda of the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 25 2020 35,33 kB
03-06-2020 The Navigator Company informs on the Extraordinary General Meeting of June 25 2020 345,4 kB
02-04-2020 The Navigator Company: Committed to a shared effort 3,56 MB
21-04-2020 Navigator Paper Production 133,48 kB
25-03-2020 COVID - 19 Information 64,51 kB
28-01-2020 Paperworld_Frankfurt_2020_EN 138,82 kB
12-11-2019 New Navigator Premium Tissue range in the spotlight at the Hygienalia Trade Show 77,82 kB
09-10-2019 Navigator to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 with an investment of €158 million 515,36 kB
13-05-2019 Catherine Anyango Grünewald wins 2nd edition of the Navigator Art on Paper Prize 206,46 kB
09-05-2019 UNICEF - Never before has an error been so right 166,35 kB
06-05-2019 Navigator Art on Paper Exhibition at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes 187,71 kB
15-04-2019 Announcing the finalists of the 2nd edition of Navigator Art on Paper Prize 193,31 kB
29-03-2019 S&P Navigator's oulook revised to positive 114,38 kB
27-03-2019 The Navigator Company and National Geographic launch environmentally friendly envelope 331,45 kB
14-03-2019 The Navigator Company is launching its new Navigator UHD paper at Paperworld Middle East 2019 485,51 kB
18-02-2019 Navigator Art on Paper Prize 2nd Edition with renowned international jury 366,09 kB
13-02-2019 BBVA and The Navigator complete Portugal’s first sustainable commercial paper program 457,96 kB
31-01-2019 The Navigator Company increase cut size office papers and rolls price in North America 282,37 kB
22-01-2019 The Navigator Company among elite group of companies scored ‘A’ for climate change 72,52 kB
15-05-2018 Navigator Dreams’ Winner Announced! 1,24 MB
07-05-2018 From 1st of July - The Navigator Company to increase paper prices in Europe by 7 to 8% 14,72 kB
17-04-2018 Dreams - Global Talent Design Contest Designers took the stage with Navigator. 151,69 kB
02-04-2018 Navigator to take on 80 student interns 144,3 kB
15-03-2018 Navigator rewards inspiring world travelers 6,06 MB
23-02-2018 From 2nd of April, The Navigator Company to increase paper prices by 5-7% 83,12 kB
21-02-2018 The Navigator Company again among the exhibitors at Paperworld Middle East 117,11 kB
16-02-2018 From 26th of March, The Navigator Company to increase paper prices by 6-8% in Europe 84,03 kB
31-01-2018 Discovery GOXM surpasses 200,000KM and 2,000 new trees milestone performing outdoors sports. 1,7 MB
23-01-2018 2161 participations from 77 countries travelled “Around the World in 80 pages” with Navigator 4,27 MB
19-01-2018 From 19th of February , The Navigator Company to increase prices in North America by $2.00 / cwt 83,59 kB
18-01-2018 Navigator paper launches Global Talent Design Contest - 4th edition 1,26 MB
27-12-2017 The most amazing Navigator promotion to date: 200 Apple iPhone X 558,4 kB
17-11-2017 The Navigator Company to increase uncoated woodfree paper prices by 5-7% 75,24 kB
06-11-2017 The Navigator Company offsets carbon emissions of 2017 Web Summit 175,31 kB
23-10-2017 [Video] Watch our cycle of Economy Circular, a constant process of renewal
31-10-2017 GOXM has been around the world twice and Discovery planted 800 trees to celebrate this fea 5,36 MB
23-10-2017 Navigator is about to go “Around the World in 80 Pages” for the third time 4,28 MB
23-08-2017 Discovery paper challenges sports lovers to go that extra mile 2,39 MB
22-06-2017 The Navigator Company: Statement regarding Forest Fires in Portugal 127 kB
25-05-2017 The Navigator Company to increase uncoated fine paper prices by 3-5% 141,73 kB
15-05-2017 Navigator Dreams Contest: Daniela Guedes is the big winner of the 3rd edition! 818,14 kB
0 B
22-03-2017 Navigator "Around the World in 80 pages": Eight stories were rewarded in the second edition of the Contest 584 kB
20-03-2017 Navigator Company to increase uncoated fine paper prices by 4-7% 140,52 kB
16-03-2017 The Navigator Company consolidates presence at Paperworld Middle East 0 B
08-02-2017 Navigator Dreams Contest is on! Navigator Challenges Designers to dream Big. 325,93 kB
18-11-2016 Navigator is the #1 European Office Paper 268,98 kB
27-10-2016 Results for the first 9 months of 2016 408,39 kB
04-10-2016 Navigator "Around the World in 80 pages" is back 1,19 MB
24-08-2016 The Navigator Company present at FACIM 126,06 kB
11-07-2016 Soporset Launches New Communication Concept 193,21 kB
22-06-2016 Navigator Offers 333 Apple Watch in a Worldwide Campaign 269,1 kB
05-04-2016 The Navigator Company Contributes more than 2.7 Billion to Portugal's GDP 300,25 kB
31-03-2016 Navigator Rewards Eight Inspiring Stories 447,63 kB
29-03-2016 Navigator Dreams’ Participations Increased by 77% 228,05 kB
18-02-2016 The Navigator Company Aims for Further Growth in the Middle East Market 215,13 kB
16-02-2016 Portucel Soporcel Group is Now The Navigator Company 197,82 kB
13-10-2015 Three The Navigator Company group plants generate more than 30 thousand jobs in Portugal 443,82 kB
13-10-2015 Portucel officially opens two production units at the Cacia and Vila Velha de Ródão complexes 352,98 kB
03-07-2015 Launch announcement for the general and voluntary takeover offer for the acquisition, in the form of an exchange offer, of the whole of the ordinary shares of "Semapa"... 175,8 kB
25-05-2015 Portucel Soporcel meets in Portugal with global suppliers 316,22 kB
29-04-2015 1st Quarter Results for 2015 357,45 kB
06-01-2015 The Navigator Company group launches global competition at Paperworld 2015 95,32 kB
18-09-2014 The Navigator Company group funds new permanent display area at the Paper Museum 173,78 kB
28-07-2014 Navigator focuses on families with new product tailored to home users 200,74 kB
16-07-2014 The Navigator Company group wins award for best Social Responsibility Communication Campaign 166,5 kB
15-07-2014 The Navigator Company group breakes new ground with Navigator on the Go 646,6 kB
30-06-2014 Navigator offers 500 iPad mini in a worldwide campaign 1,43 MB
06-03-2014 The Navigator Company group raises UWF paper prices in Europe 163,05 kB
17-02-2014 The Navigator Company group is now Portugal's second leading exporter 25,97 kB
17-12-2013 The Navigator Company group steps up export drive 39,52 kB
22-10-2013 IFC to Advise Portucel in Promoting Sustainability of Forestry Operations in Mozambique 26,15 kB
18-09-2013 The Navigator Company group funds new permanent display area at the Paper Museum 173,78 kB
12-06-2013 The Navigator Company group considered Europe's top business of the year 76,36 kB
04-03-2013 The Navigator Company group at the sector´s leading trade fair in the Middle East 0 B
18-01-2013 The Navigator Company group with a strong presence at Paperworld 2013 40,54 kB
19-11-2012 The Navigator Company group on show at 17th Big Buyer fair 50,25 kB
27-09-2012 The Navigator Company group joins “FSC® Friday” 38,98 kB
16-07-2012 The Navigator Company group continues to expand business in Angolan market 31,53 kB
05-07-2012 The The Navigator Company group supports the 2012 IUFRO Conference 1,75 MB
18-06-2012 The Navigator Company group at the RIO+20 Conference 54,66 kB
06-06-2012 Soporset Swatch Book wins prize for Graphic Innovation 55,05 kB
27-04-2012 The Navigator Company group at DRUPA 2012 66,09 kB
09-01-2012 The Navigator Company group: a powerful presence at Paperworld 2012 226,85 kB
21-12-2011 Portucel Group strengthens presence in Mozambique 93,06 kB
16-12-2011 Celpa launches a Europe-wide campaign "More Forests, Better Future" to promote Portuguese paper products 1,02 MB
19-09-2011 The Navigator Company group holds International Conference today on “Plantations in Tomorrow’s Forests” 115,17 kB
29-08-2011 The Navigator Company group pursues forestry venture in Mozambique and builds up sales presence 285,06 kB
31-05-2011 Explorer gives away 100 Garmin Dakota 20 GPS Devices 116,35 kB
26-05-2011 Navigator gives away 333 2nd generation Apple iPads 190,75 kB
04-04-2011 Soporset sets its sights on hi-tech performance and environmental innovation 198,02 kB
29-03-2011 Soporset’s new communication concept presented at Graphispag 2011 421,01 kB
25-02-2011 Navigator on show at Spain’s leading education fair - AULA 2011 35,07 kB
17-02-2011 The Navigator Company group sales account for 3% of total Portuguese exports and 43% of European paper exports 34,03 kB
11-02-2011 Eco-efficiency and high performance race “neck and neck” in Discovery’s new image 203,15 kB
18-01-2011 Navigator unveils new image at Paperworld 1,75 MB
12-01-2011 Paper from the The Navigator Company group attains the European Ecolabel 209,19 kB
12-01-2011 Pioneer refreshes its image with a dynamic and contemporary look 66,56 kB
22-11-2010 The Navigator Company group wins international prize for Green Energy and Biofuels 36,41 kB
08-11-2010 The Navigator Company group marks the International Year of Biodiversity with a conference in Lisbon 424,32 kB
04-11-2010 Portucel Soporcel organizes International Seminar on “Biodiversity, an Asset with a Future” 95,22 kB
09-07-2010 The Navigator Company group remains committed to growing sales in the Angolan market 62,17 kB
28-06-2010 WWF and the The Navigator Company group organize workshop on responsible forest finance 214,82 kB
22-06-2010 Inacopia Elite Campaign gave away 10 trips to exotic destinations 124,47 kB
19-05-2010 Group backs “B Day”- International Biodiversity Day 94,11 kB
30-04-2010 Navigator & You promotion attracts more than 600 entries 117,64 kB
30-04-2010 Navigator & You promotion attracts more than 600 entries 117,64 kB
27-04-2010 1st Quarter Results 1,25 MB
26-04-2010 Navigator promotion offers 500 Toshiba netbooks 108,35 kB
18-03-2010 Navigator enjoying increased brand awareness in Europe 308,94 kB
19-02-2010 Consolidated Annual Results for 2009 2,31 MB
27-01-2010 New Inacopia Office 75 g/m2: “The smart attitude” 85,86 kB
13-01-2010 The Navigator Company group presents new products and mill at Paperworld in Frankfurt 221,42 kB
11-01-2010 The Navigator Company group unveils products for the printing industry at Intergraphic 2010 163,38 kB
30-12-2009 Navigator – innovation and quality breakthrough in special edition 231,57 kB
07-12-2009 The 2009 Navigator Campaign clocks up record number of 1 million entries 259,37 kB
30-11-2009 The Navigator Company group Sponsors “Planet Earth Lisbon Event 2009” 180,28 kB
15-11-2009 Inauguration of New Paper Mill 2,22 MB
06-11-2009 Portuguese President inaugurates the The Navigator Company group’s New Paper Mill 59,84 kB
17-09-2009 Navigator 2009 Campaign extended until the end of October 76,26 kB
25-08-2009 New Paper Mill starts production tests on schedule 57,91 kB
13-08-2009 The Navigator Company group obtains forestry certification from PEFC 46,71 kB
15-07-2009 The Navigator Company group invests 3 million euros in protecting Portuguese forests against fire 81,04 kB
05-06-2009 The Navigator Company group Organizes the International Seminar “Forest, Sustainability and Prosperity” 1,61 MB
02-06-2009 International Seminar “The Forest, Sustainability and Prosperity” 28,64 kB
21-05-2009 The Navigator Company group joins AIESEC Portugal 81,42 kB
27-03-2009 For the fifth consecutive year, Pioneer celebrates International Women's Day together with LAÇO Association 421,91 kB
29-01-2009 The Navigator Company group has the second lowest environmental impact amongst national companies 33,92 kB
07-01-2009 Portucel Soporcel announce their support for the NAPM’s ‘Two Sides’ initiative 13,63 kB
17-12-2008 The Navigator Company group sponsors the renovation project of Aveiro Museum 51,78 kB
16-12-2008 Solidarity at Christmas in the The Navigator Company group 74,62 kB
31-07-2008 The Navigator Company group hosts European Moth Night 30,69 kB
29-07-2008 Herdade de Espirra wines receive international awards 26,37 kB
04-03-2008 Prime Minister José Sócrates lays first stone 28,37 kB
06-12-2007 The Navigator Company group obtains FSC forest certification 34,83 kB
13-11-2007 Countdown 2010 Declaration - The Navigator Company group joins international initiative to halt biodiversity loss 105,92 kB
26-10-2007 Portucel group awards contract for new paper machine 42,73 kB
18-10-2007 The Navigator Company group signs Biodiversity Protocol with the Institute of Nature and Biodiversity Conservation (ICNB) 83,33 kB
04-06-2007 The Navigator Company group undertakes Biodiversity Project with the World Wide Fund 79,37 kB
23-02-2006 The Navigator Company invests € 900 million, of which € 490 million in a new paper mill at Setúbal 80,62 kB
06-02-2017 The 2nd edition of “Around the World in 80 Pages” attracted 1359 entries, from 65 countries. 1,21 MB
03-02-2017 The Navigator Company raises UWF paper prices in Europe 173,08 kB