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A Global Benchmark

With a business model founded on technological research, innovation and sustainability, The Navigator Company is today a global benchmark.

Get to know us through our eyes

Navigator is an integrated forest producer, whose end products are pulp & paper, tissue, and energy. Its operations are based at modern, large-scale industrial units that use state-of-the-art technology and are a benchmark for quality in the sector.

We are Portugal’s third largest exporter and also the largest national added value generator, accounting for approximately 1% of GDP, about 3%% of all Portuguese exports of goods and near 6% Portuguese containerized cargo.

Currently, our total annual production capacity is near to 1.6 million tons of paper, 1.5 million tons of pulp each year, of which roughly 80% is integrated into paper production, 130 thousands of Tissue and 2.5 TWh of electricity per annum.

Our products are shipped to approximately 130 countries in five continents, with emphasis on Europe and the USA, thus achieving the widest international presence among Portuguese companies.

The Navigator Company is also a leading operator in the biomass energy sector:

  • More than 50% of all power generated in Portugal from biomass, a renewable source of energy, is produced by The Navigator Company.
  • The Company generates 5% of all electricity in Portugal.

International Leader

Navigator is Europe’s largest manufacturer of uncoated woodfree (UWF) printing and writing paper, and the sixth largest in the world. We are also Europe’s top manufacturer, the fifth worldwide, of bleached eucalyptus pulp (BEKP).

In Mozambique, we continue the implementation of the largest integrated forestry project for the production of paper pulp and energy in the country.

In western Europe The Navigator Company has pursued a successful strategy of innovation and developing its own brands and premium products, resulting in a market share in Western Europe of 19% inUWF paper and around 50% in the premium segment.

Forestry and Sustainability

Our compromise to sustainable managed forest reflects on:

  • The investment on Research and Technology throuhg its Forest Research Institute - RAIZ.
  • Viveiros Aliança, S.A., the largest nursuries in Europe with a production capacity of more than 12 million plants, of more than 100 different species.

In Portugal, we are the largest private sector forestry landowner,managing roughly 105 thousand hectares in mainland Portugal spread between 166 municipalities.

Our social responsibility policy also translates our deep connection with the forest. Annually, Navigator invests € 4.7 million in wildfire defense, half of which is spent on prevention.

Information regarding the 2022 Sustainability Report

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