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We are inspired and moved by People, their quality of life and, above all, the future of our planet.

We want to share with society not only our results, but also our knowledge, our experience, and our resources in the search for a better future together.

We are therefore committed to creating sustainable value for our shareholders, and for society as a whole, leaving future generations a better planet through natural, recyclable and biodegradable sustainable products and solutions that contribute to carbon sequestration, the production of oxygen, the protection of biodiversity, soil formation and the fight against climate change.

The sustained, long-lasting success to which we aspire can only exist if it is universal, mobilizing and showing respect for every stakeholder with whom we interact: employees, customers, suppliers and society as a whole, particularly the communities that accommodate us, where we promote social inclusion and prosperity, and the rural world, where we are drivers of territorial cohesion.

Our performance will be gauged by uncompromising, transparent governance focusing the organization both on satisfactory shareholder returns and, over time, risks and the need for constant innovation and investment, as well as on our environmental and social outcomes.

We are guided by the belief that our true goals lie in the deepest aspirations of people, both of today and of future generations.

We believe in management with a long-term vision, anchored in ethical values, rigorous implementation, a never-ending search for innovation, and an appreciation for people and knowledge. All at a company that takes on the challenge of asking each day what it can do to create a better world.

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