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Internationalization Strategy

Portucel Mozambique's mission is to develop the largest integrated forest draft paper pulp and energy in this country.

The Navigator Company set up Portucel Mozambique in 2009, a Mozambican law firm, whose investment exceeds 2.3 billion US dollars.

Also in 2009, Portucel Moçambique obtained a land use license, granted by the Mozambican Council of Ministers, for an area of 173 thousand hectares in Zambézia province and 183 thousand hectares in Manica province. Only two thirds of this area will be planted, avoiding the need to displace the local population and ensuring that important cultural and environmental values are preserved.

Portucel Moçambique

International Support

To ensure that the strictest international principles and criteria are observed in implementing the project, with regard to both social and environmental issues, since 2014, we have had support from the Advisory Services of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank member.

Social Component

Portucel Moçambique has paid special attention to the social component of the project. The project was presented to communities living within the license areas, reassuring them that no family or community would have to be resettled.

The approach adopted has been to sign land sharing agreements with communities or families wanting to join the project, ensuring they are left with enough land for their needs, and working with them to increase their agricultural yields and income.

The project already employs a team of 80 and will in time generate more than 7,000 jobs and create a market for a new crop of local service companies.