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Paper Mill "About the Future"

Officially opened in 2009, as the result of a capital project which exceeded 500 million euros, this mill has created 350 jobs and represents a milestone in the Company's development, bringing its annual production capacity up to 1.6 million tons of uncoated woodfree paper (UWF).

The centrepiece of the About the Future mill is one of the largest and most sophisticated paper machines in the world, measuring 200 metres in length, and producing sheets 11.1 metres wide. Able to produce 500 thousand tons of uncoated woodfree paper a year, the machine operates at a top speed of 30 metres a second.

Using innovative technology in its systems and production processes, the mill was built in record time, to the strictest environmental standards in Portuguese and European Union law.

Energy Efficiency

A combined-cycle cogeneration plant has also been built on the Setúbal site, with turbines fuelled by natural gas, whose low carbon content makes it environmentally efficient.

Points of interest

- The mill occupies an area of 739 thousand square metres;

- It took 5 ships and 200 trucks to transport the paper machine;

- The machine produces sheets 515 metres long and 0.1 mm thick;

- The cogeneration unit not only meets the power and steam needs of the new paper mill, but also feed surplus power into the national grid.