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Cacia Industrial Complex

The Cacia Industrial Complex is located in the town of Cacia, in the Aveiro district, at the heart of the largest area of eucalyptus woodlands in Portugal.

Annual output stands at around 320 thousand tons of bleached eucalyptus pulp, intended for processing into special papers such as high quality décor, filter, cigarette and tissue paper. The complex is also home to a biomass cogeneration plant working in conjunction with the pulp mill and a biomass power station producing renewable energy.

The Cacia Complex is famous around the world for its pulps designed for special applications, highly appreciated by demanding European clients.

Historic Breakthrough

With a history stretching back over more than six decades, the Cacia complex has consistently shown outstanding capacity for innovation.

It was here, in 1957, that paper pulp was produced for the first time anywhere in the world from eucalyptus using the Kraft process. This pulp is regarded as ideally suited for manufacturing high quality paper.