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2020 in review

The fiber of people

The year 2020 highlighted a differentiating aspect in associations: people. Never as companies needed to look to, and for people so much. And never have people needed to look after associations so much. This is a symbiotic relationship that should be celebrated.

People guide the purpose of The Navigator Company. Whether in an individual or collective sense, the human aspect is the beginning and the end, it is the unifying element, and intersects with the concerns of sustainability - environmental, economic and social - which are the core of the Company's operations.

"Fibers" and "people", based on a double association of readings referring to the word "fiber": on one hand, it presents a clear allusion to the structuring material of paper and the trees themselves, on the other hand, it invites to a reading related to the qualities of people’s character and resilience.


People, their quality of life, and the planet’s future are what inspire and move us. We want to share with society not only our outcomes, but also our knowledge, experience and resources in the search for a better future. This is why we are committed to creating sustainable value for our shareholders and for society at large, making a better planet to hand down to future generations through sustainable products and solutions that are natural, recyclable and biodegradable, and that contribute towards carbon sequestration, oxygen production, the protection of biodiversity, soil formation, and the fight against climate change.

João Castello Branco

Chairman of the Board of Directors
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In conversation with

António Redondo

Our CEO talks about the importance of Navigator's Responsible 2030 Agenda, the conceptual and operational building that will guide us for the next decade.

Responsible Management Strategy

The Navigator Company’s Responsible Management Strategy is based on Ethics, Responsibility and Transparency. We are responsible for forest-based products that contribute to sustainable development and to Society’s well-being, in alignment with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Our strategy is based on a governance structure designed to achieve business success in a fair and responsible way, responding to the legitimate interests of our Stakeholders, and fostering cooperation with them.

Company profile

The Navigator Company is an integrated producer of forest, pulp, paper, tissue and bioenergy, whose business is leveraged by state-of-the-art factories on a worldwide scale, with cutting-edge technology. It is recognized as a benchmark in quality in its sector throughout the entire world. The Navigator Company produces pulp and paper using forests which are planted exclusively for this purpose.

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