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The Navigator Company and Web Summit hold a Green Event

A space in the shape of a tree. A daily invitation for everyone to find a role in reducing their carbon footprint. Over the next four days, The Navigator Company will not just be present at the Web Summit 2017 technology summit: the challenge is bigger and translates into a message for sustainable development.

Day 1

Navigator "plants trees" at Web Summit

The world’s largest entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology summit opens today in Lisbon, this year with a greater concern for sustainable development.

Official partner for offsetting the event’s carbon footprint, The Navigator Company will plant trees at Web Summit 2017 – a stand shaped like an oak that signals its commitment to the forest and sustainable development.

Located in FIL Hall 2, in front of Planet Tech, where some of the event’s most eagerly-awaited conferences will take place, the Navigator stand represents a conceptual tree with real leaves and 1,600 plants from its nurseries. But Navigator's commitment to the Web Summit goes beyond its physical space at the event. In order to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by its participants, including those from air travel, Navigator will plant 95,000 trees in the Center of Portugal, which will ensure carbon fixation and conversion into oxygen for at least 35 years. Carbon Zero will provide certification for this initiative.

Photo Gallery

SEE HERE our photo gallery and find out how The Navigator Company and Web Summit hold a Green event. 

A garden at Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre

The number is official: the Web Summit 2017 closed its sign-ups with a record 59,115 participants. For four days the Parque das Nações will be the centre of attention for the technological world.

At Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre, one of the gateways to the conference area, Navigator has installed a garden with plants from its nurseries, in an invitation to visit its stand at FIL.

200,000 recyclable cups

A key factor in the circular economy practices adopted by Navigator, recycling will also be present at the Web Summit.

200,000 cups made from 100% recycled paper will be distributed during the event; these will be collected in 130 cardboard containers also supplied by the company.

Did you know that...

Paper consumption contributes to the growth of forests, and that in the last half of the 20th century paper production was one of the main drivers of this increase in Europe and in Portugal?

And that...

90% of the paper manufactured by Navigator is based on renewable raw materials and 70% of its production uses renewable energy?

Watch the video of day 1 at the Web Summit

Every day, see how we did of the Web Summit a "Green Event!

Visit our photo and video gallery and meet the faces and expressions of those who made our presence at the Web Summit.


Day 2

Circular Economy on the agenda on the first day of the conference

The Circular Economy is on the agenda for the first day of Web Summit 2017 events, which features The Navigator Company as a sustainable partner.

After the opening session yesterday, before an enthusiastic audience squeezed into a packed room, the summit opens its conference programme today, which includes “Making the most of what we've got: The Circular Economy”. This is a theme that blends perfectly with the strategic values of Navigator, which recently held in Lisbon its 5th Sustainability Forum, dedicated to the Circular Economy.

Today's conference is being held very close to The Navigator Company's stand, which is also a knowledge space dedicated to sustainability and paper as a recyclable medium.

About 90% of the raw material used by Navigator is renewable, which illustrates the Company's commitment to the circular business model. And one of its main products, paper, is a prime example of sustainable principles: its recycling rate in Europe reaches 72%.

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A sustainability message for visitors from all over the world

The Navigator Company’s stand yesterday received the first participants in Web Summit 2017.

Located in Pavilion 2, next to Planet Tech, the company's space is a place for discovery and knowledge of sustainability values, with an emphasis on recycling. By Thursday, it is expected to be a gateway for thousands of people from 160 countries.

Alina Murphy’s footprint

Alina Murphy will have to plant nine trees to offset her carbon footprint for the last year. The young American, from New York, discovered her environmental impact – 20.9 tons of CO2 – through the app that Web Summit visitors can find at The Navigator Company’s (NVG) stand, in FIL Pavilion 2.

Carbon Footprint Offset partner at the Web Summit, Navigator helped out Alina and all the other visitors. In addition to this awareness, the Company, a sustainable partner for the event, will plant 95,000 trees to offset the CO2 emissions from this year's edition of the technology fair.

Confronted with the numbers, Alina justified herself: “I know that travelling by underground helps a lot in big cities and I usually walk in New York.” But she soon recognized the weight of her air travel: “This year I took around 20 flights...”

According to the same calculations, an average family of three people that travels daily from home to work in their own vehicle and travels by airplane once a year generates an average of 2.8 tons of CO2. Such a footprint can be offset by planting two trees.

A swing in the forest

A swing in the forest

A truly 'green' reference at the Web Summit, The Navigator Company's stand is receiving great curiosity from visitors (and lots of smiles as well). Above all, at a summit dominated by the technological environment, the Navigator stand is seen by visitors as an “oasis” of tranquillity that combines a forest environment, the white of the paper and birdsong. This whole framework is summed up by a swing that has delighted everyone who passes by – and that has contributed to relieve some of the stress and frenzy experienced during these days at the Web Summit.

Our day 2 in Video

Every day, see how we did of the Web Summit a "Green Event!

Visit our photo and video gallery and meet the faces and expressions of those who made our presence at the Web Summit.


Day 3

Charlie and paper recycling

Efficient use of natural resources and recycling play an increasingly important role in a world that seeks a sustainable development model. A significant step toward raising awareness in this respect was provided at the Web Summit by The Navigator Company, which supplied 200,000 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper cups.

Charlie Cracknell, a 43-year-old Englishman who came to Lisbon this year to attend the 2017 Web Summit, is one of many stories from this quest for a more sustainable way of life. We find him at the Navigator stand and the conversation flows: “We need paper,” says Charlie, who considers himself an “effective recycler.” A Web Summit first-timer, he does not feel intimidated by the technological environment. On the contrary, he recognizes the “invading role” of digital media, but soon emphasizes: “I like to read and it’s easier to read a book on paper than on a screen.”

Aware of the importance of recycling, Charlie tells a story: “At the office where I work in London we started storing the reams of used paper, and just seeing the stacks of paper we realized how much we can do with recycling. Visualization is very important to make the World more sustainable.” He gets the idea!

The Navigator Company is a leader in premium office paper (UWF) in Europe, where its paper recycling rate reaches 72%.

Competition winners grateful for unique opportunity

Living the bustling technological world, entrepreneurship and start-ups: this was the experience that The Navigator Company provided to four students, winners of a competition promoted in the academic community, who came up with the most creative uses for paper and were rewarded with tickets to the event.

Mafalda Chitas (Escola Superior de Educação (Higher Education School)), Luís Correia (Universidade Católica (Catholic University)), Sara Mendes (Faculdade de Farmácia (Faculty of Pharmacy)) and Sofia Patrício (Instituto Superior Técnico (Higher Education Technical Institute)) were awarded with tickets for the Web Summit.

“Big events have a huge environmental impact and so what Navigator is doing at the Web Summit is important,” said Luís, 18. Mafalda, 22, considered Navigator's contest “excellent” and explained her participation: “I won with a video whose main message was: 'Plant a tree. It will give you more than just paper '”.

Sara Mendes, 21, stressed “the importance of the sustainable paper message,” recognizing that there is a lot to see at the Web Summit. For her part, Sofia Patrício, 21, who impressed the jury with an origami tree made from recycled paper, thanked Navigator for “the opportunity for a good experience.”

Navigator “brand images”

The Navigator Company will be in focus on SIC Notícias’ Brand Images programme, as part of its Web Summit presence as the event’s Carbon Offsetting Partner.

Quirino Soares, Navigator’s Marketing Director, explained to the television programme the actions that the Company carries out as the event’s carbon offsetting partner.

“Even in this technological world, paper remains a means of the future, as shown, for example, by the many flyers delivered to participants. So far, at the Web Summit, printed material has found many uses,” he said, leaving a key message: “We have a history of sustainability and paper is a product with great environmental credentials.

Our day 3 in Video

Every day, see how we did of the Web Summit a "Green Event!

Visit our photo and video gallery and meet the faces and expressions of those who made our presence at the Web Summit.