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The Navigator Company and Web Summit held a Green Event

Over four days, our stand evoked the forest and paper as a sustainable medium. We wanted this to be a knowledge-sharing space also, because for us, the Web Summit could not be a mere display by Navigator.

For The Navigator Company, the commitment continues

Web Summit 2017 finished yesterday in Lisbon, but the challenge continues for The Navigator Company.

The Company was the summit’s sustainable partner and will plant 95,000 trees in central Portugal to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the event. As the trees grow over the next 35 years, this forest will allow carbon to be fixed and transformed into oxygen, in partnership with Carbon Zero, which will certify this initiative.

For The Navigator Company, the commitment continues

This is more than a commitment that we made with the Web Summit; for the Navigator incorporates the principles of sustainability and the Circular Economy into its values and activities its forests, its factories, and the paper it produces. At a time when the world is urgently discussing sustainable resource management and concern for climate change, we want to make our contribution and share our knowledge.

Over four days, at Parque das Nações in Lisbon, this was the message we took to the approximately 60,000 participants, more than 1,500 investors and about 2,200 journalists present. 

My footprint

The carbon footprint calculating app, made available to Web Summit visitors at The Navigator Company’s stand, was greeted with curiosity by thousands of participants. Over four days, as part of this initiative, the Company awarded 24 people with a ‘Carbon Footprint Offset Certificate’. They were selected at certain times – the ‘Green Minutes of the Day’ – and Navigator undertook to plant a number of trees equivalent to their carbon footprints.

Nazar Begen was one of those who received the Navigator certificate and did not hide his surprise when he discovered the Company's commitment to offset his CO2 footprint on the planet, corresponding to planting two trees. “I make few trips a year,” said the 34-year-old Ukrainian, revealing his environmental awareness: “I have a small garden at home with apple trees, where I plant some vegetables... and the roses I offer my wife!” And then he added: “I am so much more aware thanks to this Navigator action, because I come from Ukraine, a country where there is still much to do when it comes to environmental awareness.”

Discover your carbon footprint

The future of the planet depends on our ability to adopt sustainable lifestyles. One of the first steps is knowledge of our carbon footprint, which arises from our consumption of electricity, travel, transport, waste production, etc.

Visitors to the Navigator booth will be able to calculate, through an app, their carbon footprint over the last year. For every calculation made, The Navigator Company, the official partner for offsetting the event’s carbon footprint, will plant a tree.

Carbon Zero will ensure the certification of this initiative - the planting of 95,000 trees in the Centre of Portugal, which will ensure the carbon dioxide fixation and its transformation into oxygen for at least 35 years.

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