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Open Doors

Guided tours of Group facilities

Each year the Group organizes tours of its industrial facilities in order to build closer ties with local communities.

The Open Doors programme was first launched in 2010 and has evolved over the years, seeking to provide information on the Group's operations and its important contribution to regional and national development. These Open Doors days allow our visitors to understand why we have continued to grow, whilst playing a crucial role in the national and regional economy, developing and improving Portugal's woodlands and preserving natural resources. They are also an opportunity to explain the sustainable cycle for manufacturing paper, a recyclable product obtained from a natural, renewable resource.

In the last two years, the Group has welcomed around 1000 visitors from our local communities. These have been joined by school parties, numbering some 3200 students and teachers. As a dynamic Group, we see these events as an opportunity to talk and listen to our visitors.