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A Focus on Development

Research and Development is a top priority for The Navigator Company, allowing it to get ahead - and stay ahead - in its sector.


RAIZ is The Navigator Company's research institute for the forestry and paper industries. It works independently and networks with universities and other R&D units.

Set up in January 1996, RAIZ is a private non-profit organisation which helps the forestry and paper industries to be more competitive, through research, technological support and specialist training.

RAIZ is a joint venture between The Navigator Company, the University of Coimbra, the University of Aveiro and the Higher Institute of Agronomy.

Transforming Knowledge into Technology

The institute originated as the sector's response to the need to identify priority segments for applied research and its work is funded primarily by The Navigator Company. Seeking to transform knowledge into technology, the institute takes a cost-benefit approach to optimising the competitive advantages enjoyed by Portugal's forestry-based industries and The Navigator Company, ensuring their future sustainability.

RAIZ: Main Areas of Work

The applied research conducted by RAIZ divides into two main areas: technology and forestry. In both these areas it works closely with the industry, with clearly defined aims reflected in its individual projects.

Forestry Research

Its prime focus in forestry research is currently in the field of genetic improvement, vegetative propagation, applied biotechnology, soils and forest nutrition, woodlands protection, ecophysiology, research into irrigation and energy crops, areas where RAIZ has developed in-house expertise.

Technological Research

Technological research has centred on kraft cooking, pulp bleaching and bleachability, clean technologies in the pulp industry, pulp quality and paper applications, paper quality and printability, reuse of solid waste in the pulp industry, new tools for environmental management and bioenergy, having also developed specialist knowledge in these areas.