Your future starts today.

With the Bright On Recruitment and Professional Development Programme, you can access professional experiences and recruitment opportunities that will open up new possibilities for your career and take your future to a new level.

Follow the path and find your new horizons.

Choosing the Bright On programme is much more than just an experience or a way of launching your career. It means going on a journey that offers new opportunities. It's having the chance to develop your skills, discover new talents and pursue different ambitions. It's the start of a long journey on which you'll learn more about the world, and also about yourself. It means having a clear sense of direction, but with the chance to explore different paths for the future.

Start off your journey in a leading Company.

Joining Bright On means being part of a recruitment and professional development programme offering varied opportunities to gain experience in different areas of The Navigator Company, a pioneer in its sector which has enjoyed consistent growth. The Navigator Company is a global market leader, selling products in more than 130 countries over five continents.

Set your course to a future of opportunity.

The Bright On programme is open to all young graduates (with first degree or Master's qualifications), offering access to a range of traineeships, internships and direct recruitment. Choose the path that best fits your area of study, your qualifications, aims and personal aspirations.

The Bright On programme has already changed people's lives.