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A Global Benchmark

With a business model founded on technological research, innovation and sustainability, The Navigator Company is today a global benchmark.

In the pulp and paper industry, The Navigator Company is of great importance in the national economy, and was honored in June 2013 as the "Best Company in Europe" by the European Business Awards in the category "Business of the Year".

The Company's production capacity and exports make it a driving force for Portugal's economy, accounting for approximately 3% of all goods exported by the country, with turnover representing close to 1% of GDP.

But the Company does more than manufacture and market pulp and paper. The Navigator Company is also a leading operator in the biomass energy sector:

  • More than 50% of all power generated in Portugal from biomass, a renewable source of energy, is produced by The Navigator Company.
  • The Company generates 5% of all electricity in Portugal.
The Company around the World

International Leader

As part of its strategy of international expansion, The Navigator Company has embarked on a new cycle of sustained growth on two fronts: by consolidating projects currently underway, and moving into new business areas.

On the consolidation front, the Company is pressing ahead with its integrated forestry, cellulose pulp and energy project in Mozambique, involving investment of 2.3 billion.

In terms of new business areas, we are investing in construction of a pellets factory in the US, in order to leverage the Company's experience in the field of forestry products and manufacturing processes. This will take us into a fast-growing sector which offers a renewable and sustainable alternative to the use of fossil fuels.

In Europe, the Company has decided to diversify into tissue paper, with the aim of establishing itself as a major player in the European market. To this end it has acquired a tissue paper manufacturer - AMS BR Star Paper S.A..


We owe our achievements to a dedicated workforce of more than 3,000 employees (direct workforce), to the commitment of thousands of partners who support our operations and to strong links with our local communities.

We are actively involved in social, cultural, environmental and educational projects in the areas around our plants. Our aim is to help improve the quality of life for local people.

Working in the Company

Forestry and Sustainability

Woodlands are crucial to the sustainability of our business. The Navigator Company manages its forest holdings in keeping with highest standards of planning and management, as verified by the international certification systems run by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and the PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

With 120 thousand hectares of forest holdings under its management in Portugal, The Navigator Company also takes a leading role in improving and renewing the country's woodlands. The Company's forestry operations are supported by the largest nurseries for certified forest plants in Europe, able to produce 12 million plants each year, and by RAIZ, a research institute for the paper and forestry sectors, through which the Company cooperates on a range of scientific projects with leading universities in Portugal and abroad.

Código de Licença de Uso do FSC®: FSC CO10852
Código de Licença de Uso do PEFC ™:PEFC/13-23-001

Sustainable Forest